The firm salutes Founding Partner Mike Jones for his decades of leadership and guidance of the Firm.  As one of the founding partners of the firm, Mr. Jones has, from the inception of this firm led the culture as one of honesty, integrity, compassion and hard work for our clients.  Moreover, Mr. Jones helped to create a rare business where all the employees truly feel valued, and part of a family. This level of trust and dignity has allowed the firm to prosper and grow while at all times maintaining an eye toward what is best for our clients.  

Mr. Jones has announced his retirement from the firm, and with his retirement comes an opportunity for introspection into where the firm came from, where it is, and where it is headed in the future. When a solid foundation is laid, these philosophical questions about what the future holds can be answered with much greater confidence and clarity, and for that, the firm owes its greatest thanks to Mr. Jones, a true gentleman, a scholar, a heckuva football coach, and someone we are all proud to call our friend.  

Mr. Jones will remain in an Of Counsel relationship with the firm, as his wisdom and expertise will surely be called upon by the firm and its members even in retirement.  

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